New Stuff & all Creations!

Last Update!


I hope you are ready for lots, lots, lots Gifties <3

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New Groupgift! @t the Store:

New Hunt starts today:

Hunt Info here:

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New Stuff, New Lucky Letters, Gifts and Groupgifts & New Fabfree Gift!


Hello Sommer, Hello July!

So i took a break during the last month, still busy in Real Life, but i am kinda back <3

I haven forgotten the June Groupgift, so you will get two Groupgifts in the next Days!

June Events:

Hint and Huntgift Pictures - pls read the new Blog Post!

xoxo Catherine <3


MAY : Birthday HUNT!  15. to 31. May!

 @ the Mainstore now!

Midnight Mania for April out Now!

Last Update 16.04.2021

New Midnight Mania Gift out NOW!

[Open for all/ 58 Target - Free!]

Last Update: 13. 03. 2021


Groupgift Feb. 2021 - Free Groupjoin! How and More? -> read the BLOG!

New Stuff aswell!

Update: 07. January 2021!


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The Setup is nearly finished, but i do not have a Landmark yet - only the Direct TP:


Update: 13.October 2020!


First of all - thanks for beeing so patient with me!

.Princess Mainstore. is back online again. This Time also with an "Outlet", Part of the Old and New Collection - nothing over 75 Lindens!

The Setup is nearly finished, but i do not have a Landmark yet - only the Direct TP:


So you will land right in front of the Gift, Groupgift and Lucky Letter Aera!

And there are NEW GROUPGIFTS - as promised!


You will get the complete Set, not just Parts of it!

11 Items in one Set!

Because you had to wait so long. I really do hope you enjoy it!

The next two Groupgifts are on its way!

(Just to do the Photos, they are already made)!

At the new Place is a Linden Hund going on and much much much more.

Please read the Blog for more News & Infos!

Taxi once again - here:

 News Update: 18. August 2020!

Hello! I know, long time no see and no new Groupgifts :( ; Also no Inworld Store at the moment.

I am so sorry.

I hope to change that really soon!

But! Please stay in the Group, i will sent out the missing Groupgifts for June, July and August soon.

For all Information -> Please read the New Blog Post!

xoxo Hyacintia

News Update: 12. June.2020!

Free Marketplace Gift!

More News - Gift information - at the new Blog Post!

xoxo Thanks Hyacintia

News Update: 13. April 2020!

Please check out the Blog for all infos: Here just a small sneak peak <3

xoxo Hyacintia <3

February News!

Huntprizes for The Love Hunt!


The Stupid Cupid Hunt 8!

Starts today! YAY!

Please check the Blog for more News :)

xoxo Hyacintia <3

Hello 2020!  Here are some Updates & News:

Groupgift January 2020!

Pepita Dresses - see the Full Picture Set @ the Blog!

Winter Antlers - see the Full Picture Set on the Blog pls.

Stola Set! The Complete Set to get for 135Ls!

Feather and Fur Outfits OUT NOW! For the Full Fotoset pls check out the Blog entries!

New Store LM:

I also changend all Lucky Letters - and the Midnight Mania! (Group and Open)!

A Cute Freebie is also waiting for you @ the Store!

Comming up: February 2020:

Check out the New Blogpost! & The New Store Location!

New Store LM:

All current Gifts:

All current Lucky Letters:

New Store LM:

New Lm! New Stuff! New Gifts!

New Midnight Mania Item - Out TODAY!

Next Event: - New Blogpost 02.June.2019

 Update: 28.05.2019  News- pls See Blog!

Groupgift is Out! (15.03.2019) New Blogpost will come soon!

Hunts: Boho Hunt & Strut your Stuff Hunt!

New Stuff!

Please read new Blogentry!


Superhero Hunt starts tomorrow: (1L)

Grougift is OUT:

News - Groupgift - Change of Lucky Chairs & Midnight Mania!

Soon, but one of those Pairs will be the February Groupgift! <3

February News:

Hunts start tomorrow: Hope to see you around!

New Stuff also out now: Please see Blog-entry!


.Princess Stuff. will be Part of 3 Hunts! Here ´s a sneak peak of the Huntgifts:

.Princess Stuff. Kiss Decor out now:

Per Set 55Ls - Fatpack 255Ls

 New Realeas! 2Skin Dresses! Return of the Midnight Mania Board!  Gachashop inworld back again! Gacha Sale! (12.01.2019)Please Read Blog Entry!

.Princess Stuff. will be Part of the "Love Hunt" - all infos pls see Blogentry 09.01.2019

Please check new Blogpost! First Groupgift 2019 and Lucky Letter update! 03.01.2019

Anna Hair - is out now! 31.12.2018!


Past & still available.