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Well, i am looking for enthusiastic Bloggers for my Store!
.Princess Stuff.

⇾ Infos about me & .Princess Stuff.
       My Name is Catherine Cloud. I have been on and off in
       Secondlife since many years. At first place, I started to
       create "Stuff" only for me. Things i would really like to wear
       and not just for making some "Lindens". I am still on my
       journey to learn new Stuff.
       Tastes are different.
       PLEASE only apply if my taste is similar to yours.
       ⇾ You will use your Main Avatar to blog my stuff.
       ⇾ You are willing to blog also my Hunt/Groupgifts/Freebies
       ⇾ You are willing to blog at least 1 post per Week
       ⇾ You are willing to blog also Items that are Events exclusive
       ⇾ You will follow my social media, flickr & co!

       Once a Month i pick my favorite Blog Post and i reward
       the Blogger with 500Ls (Cash - no store Credit or such)
       (So always make sure, to inform me about your Posts)
       You do not have to join any Group. I sent my Bloggerboxes
       individually out.

By sending your Application to me - you are accepting my Rules.

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Some Questions?

Okies - well done and Thankies!
Catherine Cloud